Call of the Octocat: From Google Code to GitHub

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 | 11:14 AM

Earlier this spring, Closure engineers proposed migrating our source repositories from Google Code to GitHub. We asked the open-source community whether hosting the repositories on GitHub would improve their workflow, and whether it would justify the (small) cost of migration.

The response was univocal. Closure users preferred GitHub issue tracking, documentation, and pull request systems to their Google Code equivalents. Enthusiastic users outside Google had even set up unofficial GitHub mirrors of the Closure projects to better fit into their development process.

Today, we are pleased to announce that three of the four top-level Closure projects have migrated to GitHub:

(The fourth project, Closure Linter, still needs some work to ensure a smooth migration. It will stay at Google Code for now.) If your own Git repositories currently use the Google Code repositories as a remote, use these instructions to update.

We hope this change will make it easier for developers to learn about, use, discuss, and contribute to the Closure Tools. Let us know what you think on the project-specific groups (Compiler, Library, Stylesheets).


Mira said...

Any info on closure templates? There is also a GitHub repo (, however fairly out of date as of now.

Unknown said...

I found bug.
a = /a/ / a -> a=/a//a
a = /a/ in a -> a=/a/in a
result is error code.

John said...

Closure Templates has been actively maintained on github for a while now.