Welcome to the Closure Tools blog

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 | 10:45 AM

Last November, we released Closure Tools as open source software. These web development tools encompass three major components: a compiler, a library, and a templating system. Google engineers use these three tools to put together some of our largest web applications: Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sites, and many others.

The response has been heartening. A number of projects have adopted Closure Compiler, both for its excellent performance as a minifier, but also for its compile-time optimizations and type checking. Many folks have picked up Closure Library and Closure Templates as the basis for their new web projects. Traffic on the three discussion lists has been growing.

In conjunction with our events for the library and compiler at Google I/O, we’re taking a few steps to help encourage that nascent community. The first to mention is this blog, on which we plan to publish notes, tips, and helpful articles from engineers working on Closure Tools. We’ve also started a Twitter account that you can follow. And, as of today, Closure Library joins Closure Compiler as a project that can take external patches from developers outside of Google.

So add this blog to your feed reader (perhaps Google Reader, built with Closure Tools), follow us on Twitter, and, just maybe, submit a patch. Thanks!


George Moschovitis said...

Congrats for the new blog. Hopefully we 'll see some informative posts about closure...